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Take Control of Your Days

If you are ready to get out from under the overwhelm, decrease stress, find more time and be in control of your days you need to UP your productivity game. Let’s get laser focused on what matters and have you working smarter in just a few months (no, there is no silver bullet).
I offer you three ways to become your best productive self…

1. Training – Keynote Presentations and Workshops

Let Stacey entertain and push your audience to embrace working smarter. Productivity is not one size fits all and neither are the trainings. The length and format range so let’s discuss what your company, team, or association needs.

  • Busyness ≠ Productivity
  • Control the (In)Box
  • Bullseyes Approach to Prioritization & Planning
  • Becoming a Reformed Multitasker
  • Productivity Demystified
  • Are You Sabotaging Your Team’s Productivity?
  • Four Lens to Hack Productivity
  • Stress: An Office Affair

2. Productivity on Steroids

Give me 5 months and I will give you a new way to approach your work.

This 5-month program is a mix of coaching calls, in-person sessions and recorded webinars…all built to support your growth and development. We follow on a customized roadmap where we dig in deep, overcome challenges, sustain the changes, and end strong so you are ready to go it alone. But don’t worry – I always check in at the 9 month and 12 month mark to provide support and encouragement.

Contact me to learn more.


3. Intensive Work Sessions

Just have one issue you need help solving or one challenge you need help overcoming? Then let’s tackle it in an intensive work session. Sessions are either 2 or 3 hours in length and you commit to one session at a time. Heck, one may be all you need.

Focus areas for the intensive work sessions include controlling your email, weekly planning & prep, prioritization & time blocking, physical organization, and digital organization. Contact me to learn more.



Stacey B. Randall is the creator of Take Control of Your Days.

As an entrepreneur, wife, mother, professor, aspiring author and a few other roles…Stacey understands being busy and feeling overwhelmed.

Stacey works with busy working professionals – mostly solopreneurs, micro-small business owners – to #takecontrolofyourdays.

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