30 Ways to Take Control of Your Business

Posted by Stacey Brown Randall

When you decided to start your business you probably did it for a few main reasons…one of which was to have some level of control. Control of your time, money, what you do day-in and day-out, or being in charge (aka not having a boss).

So in honor of today, March 30th being National Take Control Day…I have a question for you.

Who is in control…You or Your business?

If you answered your business I have created a special list just for you…30 Ways to Take Control of Your Business. No matter how big or how small your business may be you need to get each of these under control.


Because for you to grow your business, take your business to the next level or be able to remove yourself from your business…these are the things you have to have in control.

So take a look below, take a few at a time and knock them out…at the end of this exercise you’ll be glad you did.

Enjoy and here’s to you taking control in 2016!


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30 Ways to Take Control of Your Business

Business Strategy

1. Write down your business BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
2. Write down your mission/purpose…reason for getting up in the morning and running your company.
3. Write down your core values/commitments…those that your company operates from.
4. Write down your five-year vision (goals) of the business with multi-year milestones and action plans
5. If in a Partnership – review and update your operating agreement and buy-sell agreement
6. If in a Partnership – take time to create a “How We Work Together” document
(i.e. as partners this is how we treat each other, communicate, work through dis-agreements, etc.)
7. Schedule and maintain time every year to work ON your business

Sales & Marketing

8. Do a book segmentation to understand your best type of clients, where they come from, and who you want more of
9. Nail the description of your ideal client profile (in writing)
10. Identify the niche your business is in
11. Be brave and cut out the non-performing pieces from your sales and marketing strategy
12. Go through the revenue funnel exercise to identify your sales activity
13. Identify your referral sources and create ongoing experiences to generate more referrals


14. Break your yearly goals down into 90-day periods

Capture – through writing or video – each of the processes it takes to run your business. Each business has a core of systems with individual processes that make up the overall system.

15. Operational processes
16. Accounting/Finance processes
17. Human Capital processes
18. Marketing Processes
19. Sales Processes
20. Client Experience Processes

21. Identify the touchpoints in your client experience and automate within your business
22. Review your dashboard of key performance indicators on a consistent schedule

Personal Productivity

23. Work from a prioritized list every day and schedule the items on the list into your calendar
24. Create your $8/hour list and start outsourcing (For two weeks write down everything you do each day that you could pay someone else to do for $8/hour)
25. Learn to delegate correctly
26. Take back control from your inbox


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Human Capital

27. Build your future organizational chart…what does the business need to reflect your five-year vision (see #4)
28. When hiring don’t create typical job descriptions with skills, responsibilities and the like. Instead write the job description to be future-focused so someone applying understand what a “day in the life” would be like for the role.


29. Start your day with water so you can focus
30. Practice gratitude every day for the business you have


Is this all the ways you can take control of your business…goodness no. But it is a great start…30 ways in honor of March 30th being National Take Control Day.



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