Learning to Become a Reformed Multitasker

Posted by Stacey Brown Randall

Here in Charlotte we have a lot of “reformed bankers.” As the second largest financial capital (second only to New York City) you can imagine that we would have a lot of bankers. So naturally, especially after the latest recession, we have folks who have branched out, left banking, reinvented themselves and are now “reformed bankers.” For most they embrace it. Well there is another mindset I want people to embrace…becoming a “reformed multitasker.”

Say what?

Yes, a reformed multitasker…someone who can focus and do one task or thing at a time. Think it sounds crazy? Maybe, but the research shows your productivity and accuracy increases when you focus on one task at a time. Clifford Nash and a group of really smart people (aka scientists) started studying multitasking in the 1990s. They first thought that those who multitasked must be really good at completing a lot of work in a certain amount of time, complete work with great accuracy, and be really good at blocking out what is not important. If the scientists had taken a bet (and maybe they did) they all would have lost. Turns out that multitaskers don’t complete much when they allow themselves to be distracted as they leave one task undone to shift and start the next task. One study shows that productivity drops as much a 40% when we try to do two or more things at once. The work also isn’t as accurate as it is when we focus and get it started, finished and checked. And multitaskers are the worst at blocking out information because if you think you can do it all then slowly everything becomes important…when in reality it just isn’t.

So is there hope to become a reformed multitasker? Of course! And I created a 5 step guide to get your started. This new mindset and way of being isn’t easy but the rewards well outweigh the struggle and pain of the process. Click here to download the guide for FREE. It is only available until August 31, 2014 so don’t procrastinate (which is another topic for another day).

Here’s to you becoming your best productive self!


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