Your 1440 Daily Spend

Posted by Stacey Brown Randall

Do you know the significance of the number 1440? When I ask it in my presentations the audience doesn’t either (puts you in good company). It is the number of minutes in a day. One thousand, four hundred and forty. That’s it. Such a small number but carries a major significance. In those minutes we determine the memories we will make, the success we will have, how we bounce back from failure, if we take time for ourselves, if we accomplish checking items off our to do list, and if we had our priorities straight for the day. So much can happen in 1440 minutes but it can also go by in a flash.

After I became a mom I became very familiar with the saying, “the days drag on, but the years fly by”. So true. My kids are 6 and 4 and feels like yesterday I was pregnant with my first.

Same saying can be true with our work. For me I do a pretty good job living in the moment but that is because most of my “work” moments are spent with clients or running a workshop. I’m paid to be present and I like being good at my job. But the months, quarters and years are flying by. It is exciting but also a reminder that as we wind down 2014 – only 3.5 months to go – we need to be intentional of what we plan to accomplish, what will get our attention and how we will spend the next 162,720 minutes (1440 x 113 days left this year).

Maybe you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

Maybe you need to TAME your inbox – for real this time.

Maybe you need to get serious about starting new habits to be organized or keeping a to do list system going.

Maybe you need to finally hire that virtual assistant so your nights and weekends are spent “running” your business.

Maybe you need to set your boundaries and set an action plan to stick with them.

Maybe you need a break so you can go confidently into the end of this year and finish strong.

Maybe you need to get serious about growing your business – setting goals, activities and find an accountability partner to…what else, hold you accountable.

What do you need to do? And how will it impact your daily 1440? Because once today’s 1440 is gone, you don’t get it back. But there is tomorrow’s 1440 so don’t waste it!


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