Your Beautiful Brain

Posted by Stacey Brown Randall

Have you ever thought about how your brain wants to be used? Odds are…you aren’t using it the way it was designed. Your brain may be little compared to your overall body but it is mighty. The brain weighs on average 3 lbs. which is only 2% of your body weight but the brain consumes 20 to 25% of our calories and 25% of our oxygen. It is not afraid to take what it needs to function. And most days it is begging to be used correctly.

When I work with my clients I always pay attention to how they optimize or don’t optimize their brain. Lacking the ability to focus (like checking their email during a session with me) or a crazy use of post-it notes are easy signs to pick up on. Others are more subtle, lying just below the surface, like having a running to do list in their head while they try to finish a task or focus on a conversation. In honor of your beautiful brain and my upcoming workshop on Learning to Become a Reformed Multitasker…here are three of my favorite ways you can love your brain. (

1. It’s Not a Storage Pod

Stop trying to remember all the things you have to do today. Big picture – when you try to hold a lot of ideas in your mind at one time you start to degrade your memory. Your brain was built to interact with ideas, not store them. Your brain is not a storage Pod. Create a strategy or system to capture all you have to do because when your brain knows you have it written down it can stop trying to remember it for you. Who really wants to remember something they have to do when they are in the shower. Read here about The Real Definition of a To Do list.

2. Give it a Break

Protect your brain by avoiding mental fatigue. 50% of Americans sleep with their phone…we never turn off being “on” and we allow the deluge of information overload to keep pouring in. This mean our brains are always on. Sometimes we need to take a break from our technology – the main source of entrance for information overload. My friend and productivity guru Carson Tate shared with me once about a study done at the University of London that found constant emailing and text messaging reduces mental capacity by an average of 10 points on an IQ test. Always on may not be the most productive way to work. Give your brain a break by determining “technology free times” and when you feel your brain working overtime…go for a walk.

3. Bring Back the Focus

I don’t care how good you think you are with multitasking or how much you have convinced yourself that you really can do four things at once…fact is, your productivity drops as much as 40% when you try to do more than two things at a time. Your accuracy drops, you overwork your brain and you lose the ability to shut out what is not important. Remember, when you think you can do it all everything then becomes important (when it is not) and you lose the ability to shut out what is not important.

Number 3 on my list above really gets me going. My clients and those who attend my presentations will tell you that I am out to create as many Reformed Multitaskers as I can. So in honor of your brain I have two resources for you.

--FREE download of the 5 Step Guide to Becoming a Reformed Multitasker. Click here.

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I hope to see you there!

Power to your brain!!

Here’s to you becoming your best productive self!


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